Wednesday, November 24, 2004

accessibility - the google argument

I was reading a colleagues blog where he referenced an e-mail about how an argument for implmenting accessibility in a web site is that Google is the biggest blind user. I was intrigued and was forced to read on

From the original e-mail:

The premise: Google is, for all intents, a blind user. A billionaire
blind user with tens of millions of friends, all of whom hang on his
every word. I suspect Google will have a stronger impact than the ADA
in building accessible websites.

Other arachnocides:

- Java/Javascript dependencies.
- Obviously CGI-driven sites ('bots avoid these as they tend to be
spider traps)
- Session-ID'd URLs. There's no there there....
- Audio content (not searchable)
- Text-as-graphics. Google handles a number of formats, but it
doesn't OCR. Scanned PDF and PS docs suffer a similar fate
(ordinary PDFs are searchable).
- Changeable sites. The longer you stay in one place, the better your
Google score. Don't move content.

It's an interesting premise.


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