Tuesday, December 07, 2004

amazon.com learned their lesson

If you ever thought about using a text-only page as an accessible alternative for your web site, read this article.

Wired News - Amazon Access: How Accessible?

Amazon.com did a text-only version of their site and got really criticized. You can no longer find the text-only site linked on their page. Or at least I can't find it. Yah text-only alternatives to web sites are a bad idea. Most of the time they just aren't going to get used.

According to the W3C guidelines, developers should create an alternative solution only as a last resort:

"Content developers should only resort to alternative pages when other solutions fail because alternative pages are generally updated less often than 'primary' pages.... Before resorting to an alternative page, reconsider the design of the original page; making it accessible is likely to improve it for all users." - Wired Article


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