Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A CMS doesn't solve All

Jeffrey Veen wrote an excellent article about how companies have wanted to find ways to get their web sites update on a more regular basis. They decide the thing that they need to do is a shell out a lot of money for a giant content management system. They think once people have the technology in their hands everything will get updated on a regular basis. But once the cms has been deployed no one ends up using. This is a people problem not a technology problem.

There needs to be a strategy. Jeffrey Veen goes into the strategy that he recommends.

This is more than just a way to manage content, it’s the beginning of a content strategy — a plan for how your site will respond to your customers, inform them, and help them make decisions that will ultimately increase their loyalty to you and your site.

And frankly, I could not care less what system you use to publish it.

adaptive path - Why Content Management Fails


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