Wednesday, February 09, 2005

device independence

One of the things that has interested me the most about web development by separating out presentation and data, via the use of CSS and HTML, is the idea of being able to use the a web site on multiple different devices. Each device uses a different style sheet. Now technology isn't there yet but it is definetly moving in that direction.

Now I know reading W3C documents has about as much appeal as getting a root canal, but the W3C published a Working Group Note called The Device Independence Princples. It's pretty interesting. It covers the steps and the princples of what needs to happen for the furthering of device independence.
"This document celebrates the vision of a device independent Web. It describes device independence principles that can lead towards the achievement of greater device independence for web content and applications."

The document examines the users perspective, authoring perspective, and the delivery perspective and the different roles that they play.

UPDATED - The W3C is going to do a big presentation at the 3GSM 2005 Congress. They are going to talk about the future of the mobile web and how, "W3C's goal is to provide a Web for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, using Any Device." It sounds really cool. Just wish I had the money to fly to Cannes, France where it's going to be held.


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It's time to take charge of your future and independence by having your own business!

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