Monday, February 07, 2005

forms, fieldsets, and legends...Oh my

Today at work I was working on a search box that we were using for one of prototypes of a web site that we are doing. I have been using label tags for a while and had been implementing them into my designs; but, I guess I was never really clear on the whole like fieldsets and legend tags.

I had heard about them but never really was told what they were used for or how they made a form more accessible.

fieldset - Using fieldset you chunk up your 50 questions into, say, 5 clearly identifiable groups of topics, each with 10 properties/attributes. You increase the usability/accessibility by making the page clearer to the sighted user, or the user who may have cognitive difficulties.

legend - that's the text that sits along the top and describes the content of the boxed area

- Web Standards Project

I am going to work on integrating some of these tags into the forms of my web sites.


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